All space is curved; all motion is spiral.Two opposing forces originate from the Primordial Point out of No-Thing.

Dancers spin, indicating that all motion is spiral. Linear motion, if it existed, would never turn back upon itself. It would have a beginning, but never an end. This would appear to be eternal, but eternity has no beginning and no end. Only the circle has that property. Therefore motion must be circular. But if it were not spiral as well, it would be static motion, turning back upon itself without any development, which would be dead motion. Therefore all motion is spiral, for everything develops (or changes). If our understanding on this is wrong, we will change it as better understanding is received.

Spiral Aloe

Spiral motion implies that all space is curved, for if space were linear it could not turn back upon itself making it impossible for motion to be spiral. That's why dancers spin through space. They spin, because they are two opposing forces fighting for dominance. One pulls out wanting to be linear, the other pulls in forcing the curve. The one is called male, the other female (or positive and negative). They dance around a central point, which unites them. The forces are therefore also called centrifugal and centripetal, dancing around the eternally silent point, the centre of the universe, the beginning which is in the end and the end which is in the beginning.

Where the two dancers (forces) come from is a Mystery. Even more mysterious, if that were possible, is the origin of the Primordial Point which unleashes and unites them. For it is No-Thing. Theologians call it ‘God, Allah, Brahman or Ha-Shem'. You can hear it in the beat of a lifeless heart....