In the United States of ARCADIA the police force is called the Peace Force. Its functions are law enforcement, maintaining peace and civil assistance. There is no secret police in the USA.

Swords into plough-shares

In the United States of ARCADIA the police force is called the Peace Force. Without a Peace Force (providing law enforcement) individual humans cannot live together in peace for very long. We can and will evolve to a higher kind of being, making policing no longer necessary, but a large portion of the population has not yet reached this level. So, for the time being a Peace Force will be necessary in the United States of ARCADIA.

In the United States of Arcadia's planetary civilization the Peace Force has three functions:

1)      enforcing the law (including maintaining public order and criminal investigation);

2)      maintaining peace between ethnic or regional groups;
3)      assisting the citizenry to solve (daily) conflicts.          

As there are no national armed forces anymore, there is no need for police. There is no CIA, no KGB and no infiltration as a political instrument.

Peace-men and peace-women do not carry fire-arms

Regular policemen (called ‘peace-men') carry no fire-arms. The ‘right to bear arms' is interpreted restrictively, so that it excludes the possession of fire-arms. So, the citizens are not allowed to carry or possess fire-arms, but neither are regular peace-men. Only a small number of older (minimum age 35) and especially trained peace-men - who have passed severe character tests -, can carry a regular gun for purposes of peace work, where and when this is absolutely necessary. Citizens have had to hand in all their fire-arms. These have literally been turned into ‘plough-shares' (i.e. agricultural and other useful industrial tools and equipment).

The ordinary peace-man carries a baton - following the (former) UK tradition - and a ‘stun gun' which immobilizes, but does not seriously injure.

The production of fire-arms is strictly controlled and is restricted to a limited number of simple pistols and rifles. A special weapon (‘stun gun') has been developed which temporarily immobilizes the one who is hit, but does not cause serious injury or permanent impairment to the body. Only peace-men are allowed to carry a ‘stun gun'. Only in extreme cases are fire-arms ever used by specially trained peace-men.

Special Peace Force

A special section of the ‘United States of ARCADIA Peace Force' is in charge of maintaining peace between ethnic or former national groups. Conflicts along regional or ethnic lines in the United States of ARCADIA are, however, very rare. The world population has intermingled to such an extent that differences between racial, ethnic and former national groups have blurred. As all United States of ARCADIA citizens are free and equal, it just doesn't make sense any longer to go to war for reasons of race, ethnicity, nationality or any other matter.

Both video's have their own special meaning for this entry. A Peace Force as envisioned has in fact already been formed (view video).